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The intent of these pages are to give you a sampling of the important parts of my life and values for your decision in choosing a county mayor.  These pages will show you that I am a product of this area, a citizen of this county, and a local community leader. The histories, pictures, and information given here will illustrate that I am the best choice for leading this government for the next four years.

Please feel free to read and view all of the website. If you have any questions, please use the contact information listed at the end of the website to get directly in touch with me. I look forward to serving you and the other people of Jefferson County as County Mayor and respectfully ask for your vote in the August 2, 2018, General Election.

2018 Mayor Debate

A Bright Future for Jefferson County

After working, learning, and living with the people of Jefferson County for almost fifty years, I have come to know the values and expectations of our citizens. Sitting down to eat brisket at the Senior Citizens Center, fish-fries at the churches, barbeque with the Masons, dancing at the Fire Hall—all of these have shown me the nature of our community.  Working with the Dandridge Scots-Irish Festival, the Mossy Creek Foundation, the Lions Club and Appalachian Outreach summer work crews has shown me the respect people feel for their heritage and their willingness to help their fellow man.

The passion of our people can be seen in a group of our citizens fighting for, or against, and industrial site; or, an intrusion on to their private property; or, a County Commission meeting discussing the running of the government or a new building project. The people of this county truly have the abilities to achieve anything that they want for their future and still hold the values of the past. I know that Jefferson County has what it needs within itself to insure its own bright future.

Workforce Experience

Mike Dockery has over 40 years of management experience and community service to bring to the job.

Passionate About Quality

The candidate Mike Dockery has made a life-long career of pursuing quality in his work.

Passionate About His Town

Originally from Sevier County, I was actually born in the old Jefferson City Hospital on Russell Avenue.

Community Volunteer

As a proud member of the Jefferson County community, I look forward to your vote on August 2.


We would be honored to have your vote on August 2, 2018