Candidate Statement

A Message from Mike Dockery

August 2, 2018, Jefferson County citizens will decide once again who is to lead their government as County Mayor.  Many things that contribute to our quality of life depend upon this choice.  At this time, I would like to offer you my skills and abilities, my commitment and integrity, for your consideration as your choice for Jefferson County Mayor. I bring a fresh, new look to the office of mayor without the constraints of political parties, favoritism, or preconceived agendas.

I bring a healthy respect for the right of every citizen for equal services
from the county; the right to know what is going on within their government;
and the right to have a voice in what is happening in their community.

I have over 40 years of management experience and community service to bring to the job. My only goals are to fulfill the duties of the job of County Mayor to the betterment of Jefferson County and its people and to compliment the efficient execution of our government. I want to hold the door open to our brighter future.